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Adorn in seconds with these self-adhesive appliqués! Just Peel & Stick. Goes on partitions, furnishings, equipment, windows, doors, mirrors, tiles, refrigerators¿ Works on any clear and clean floor. Removes in seconds without the need of damaging the floor or leaving sticky residue and is repositionable above and around.

RMK1029SCS Attributes: -Wall sticker. -Instructional and decorative. -Characteristics: all letters – caps and tiny. -Painted with enjoyable whimsical artwork that relates to each letter. -Great for children rooms and classrooms. -Use the factors to write your kids title or phrases and sayings on a bedroom door, headboard, furnishings, accessories, mirrors or partitions. -Good way to personalize a room or any object. -Can even alter words, names, sayings as usually as you\\\’d like. (more…)

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