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The Caped Crusader is coming to the rescue! This ultra cool Large Batman peel and stick wall graphic is assured to continue to keep the Joker and other villains away… and will undoubtedly make your pals go \\\”WOW!\\\” Fantastic for youngsters and comic fans alike. Verify out the Batman Gotham Guardian wall stickers as properly as the self-adhesive border (the two bought separately) for a complete coordinated appear. And don\\\’t overlook to take a peek at all our other giant superhero wall stickers!

RMK1149GM Features: -Wall decal. -Caped Crusader is coming to the rescue. -Peel and stick wall graphic. -Wonderful for kids and comic followers alike. -Self-adhesive border for a whole coordinated appear. -Quantity of wall decals: six. (more…)

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